Art is soul of Ishatvam, the reason we exist.

When Art enters a room, something magical happens. The space shifts not just visually, but on a deeper soul level.
Ishatvam Presents stirring installations in metal, ceramic,
resin et al that transforms spaces and whirls the spirit.

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True Art is a reflection of inner life- a subconscious reminder to a higher calling. It affects the human mind even when the mind is unaware and lost in the by-lanes of daily rigmarole.
Ishatvam Curates paintings from celebrated artists and emerging ones.
We believe Art is the light that brings us back to ourselves.

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It’s said that the first sculptures were made by the Creator of the Universe. Since then sculptors are paying their Maker back with expressions of their own creativity.
Since 30 years Ishatvam has been devoted to collecting the best of Indian sculptures, big and small, in wood, steel, ceramic, marble, resin, cast iron, stone and more.
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Ishatvam takes framing to the next level. Our signature Italian Moulding adorns many a  works of Masters in homes around the world. We are fascinated with newer framing trends  involving sculptures and 3 D art work. We are famous for our love for framing family.

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