ISHATVAM (pronounced e-sh-tvum) is Sanskrit word. Meant to flow as a blend of sounds, it becomes like mantra when you repeat it. 
The closest translation to Ishatvam in English is,
"A spiritual attainment that allows you to achieve unity with the divine power."
For us, Ishatvam is synonymous with harmony: a feeling we strive to share.

Founded over thirty years ago, Ishatvam is a pioneer in the field of design stores catering to homes and interiors. The company has been a hub of design which started with Indian designers and craftsmen catering to the varied needs and tastes of a wide varied clientele. Over the years it has expanded to source and add design sensibilities from all over the world.

Traditions for Contemporary Homes

Ishatvam believes in telling stories through its designs. Each product holds the perfect blend of old world values and the essence of good design which is both ageless and adaptable to a contemporary context. With a wide variety of products ranging from furniture, soft furnishings, lamps, artwork, mirrors, custom framing, accessories and accent pieces, our customers are spoilt for choice. We offer a unique experience where clients can explore and find their own sense of comfort in design that they truly love.

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We don’t see Ishatvam as eastern or western, traditional or modern, ethnic or contemporary, but as a culmination of experiences in a world where things are always more natural than these limitations.

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Customers across the globe

   Ishatvam reflects a journey through the globe, many stories waiting to be told.
We consider a diverse taste and budgets as a great opportunity and not a challenge.
Our ethos resonates with our core theme of amalgamation of diverse styles which are harmonious and blend beautifully with distinctive lifestyles and distinguished spaces, across the globe.
We feel a deep sense of joy and pride when we ship Ishatvam products across India and overseas. We take immense care in packaging with attention to every detail, so that when you receive a part of Ishatvam, your delight is as much as ours, if not more!

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Ishatvam is an experience. A discovery. Come, discover the experience with us.