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Art Exposition By Nidhi Rajput Bhatia At Ishvatam, A Window Into Nature’s Beauty

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Delighted to support a summit of this magnitude and be the official “Gifting Sponsor”


Nidhi Rajput Bhatia exhibits her contemporary landscape series-Inward Eye (Antar Drishti) in oils and watercolours at Ishvatam, a luxurious lifestyle store on MG road New Delhi. The exposition is on display for public viewing up to April 30.


Talking about the art show and Ishvatam, Preeti Trehan, owner of the store, passionately speaks, “at Ishvatam, we believe in narrating stories through designs where we bring an impeccable blend of old-world values and the essence of good design, which is both ageless and adaptable to a contemporary context. Hence the subject of the art show resonated with our core theme of amalgamation of the two worlds and values of staying grounded. A person’s home reflects the Antar Drishti of the people staying there. Our product range is selectively handpicked to redefine home not just in India but abroad. Some of our permanent clientele living overseas like to carry our products with them since we understand their taste and curate an amalgamation of vintage and contemporary.”

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