A room of her own: Sanctuaries dedicated to personal pursuits


Do you have a long-harboured passion for art? Want a serene place to meditate, do yoga, write your blog or a book you want to write?

Now is a good time to design a personal space in your house for a retreat to recharge or to reconnect with who you are.

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It is difficult for women to separate their professional and family roles from who they are. Women are always multi-tasking and they need a dedicated space where she goes to rejuvenate and detach from the roles she has played all day. This is where she does this thing that gives her balance and pleasure.


Creating your own room is not about being selfish with your time and space, it’s about expressing your independence, your personality and your style and curating a space according you’re your interest, what feels right to you.

The room is your getaway spot so do not think about how others in your home will like the room to look or if the design complements the rest of the house. This is your chance to do something that may not be what the rest of the family would want.


Think about the colours you are drawn to and your design aesthetics. The paint colour will help set the mood. The declutching trend makes it a perfect time to finally use that room where all the junk lands, or to rethink an under-used space and use it to your advantage. The space can be feminine – maybe with a touch of animal print, lighter fabrics a Buddha or Ganesha figurine or painting. Calming colours, soft lighting and scented candles provide a minimalist design for yoga or meditation.


How do you want the room to feel? Fresh and contemporary? Warm and cozy? Go ahead it is time to carve out that special space at home.

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